Winners receive prizes following Fantasy Football battle

To celebrate turning 25 years old in 2017, SCS Group launched its own Fantasy Football League.


Over 38 weeks fantasy football managers fought it out to be top of the league, transferring players and rearranging teams each week. SCS Group offered prizes for those who were top of the league for the month, overall winner at Christmas and the top three winners overall.The League attracted managers from across the construction industry as well as staff from SCS Group, with a total of 112 people taking part.

Three winners

The top three winners were announced at the end of March and they were 1 – Sam Paprotny, from Amthal Fire & Security; 2 – David Connaughton, from Trenton Fire; and 3 – Anita Nalukwago-Sinatra, from Ardmore Construction.

The winners have all now been presented their cheques and told us a bit about taking part in the league and what it was like to win.


1st Place winner Sam Paprotny said, “I have played fantasy football for a few years now and have never really done that well.

“I was at work one day when my colleague emailed me a link to the SCS league, that’s when I knew I had to take it seriously as there was the opportunity to win prizes.”

He added: “Next thing you know it’s the end of the season and I found out I had won it. Thank you very much SCS Group.


nd Place winner David Connaughton said, “It was a challenging league, with a good season. I was near the top of the league since Christmas but didn’t win any Manager of the Month prizes.”

3rd Place winner Anita Nalukwago-Sinatra said, “I can’t believe I came third place, almost gave up the week before!”

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