What installation options do I have?

Everyone involved in the construction or management of a building knows that occupants’ safety is paramount, with smoke control providing a vital life safety feature. All equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly to ensure the safety of occupants and where appropriate, fire fighters.

In the UK the legislation is contained within The Building Regulations 2010 and specific guidance on how to comply with them regarding fire safety is given within Approved Document B 2018.  So, when it comes to systems that ensure the evacuation of smoke from the common areas of buildings (staircases and lobbies), what installation options do you have?

Your installation options are dependent on the type of business you operate, the products you are installing and the projects you are implementing them in. For most building contractors the following options are available.


1. Self-delivering smoke control solutions


If you are an M&E contractor and have your own labour force, you may wish to explore self-delivery of our standard range. Bringing another package such as smoke control in-house can be beneficial to the efficiency of your labour onsite.

If you are interested in the self-delivery of smoke control, our Approved Installer Network might be the right choice for you. As a part of the network, you will receive training, ongoing support, full access to our range of products, as well as a 10% discount on it.


Download the Approved Installer Brochure


2. Employing an SCS Group Approved Installer


By using the services of one of our Approved Installers, you can rest assured that they are fully trained in the installation, commissioning and operation of our systems. SCS Group maintains a high standard and extends that to its Approved Installer Network. By choosing to work with an SCS Group Approved Installer, you benefit from their skills and experience, as well as the support and expert knowledge of SCS Group.

Members of our Network operate all across the UK, which means that you can work with an expert that is local to your project. Use our Approved Installer Map to find an Approved Installer in your area.


3. Specialist Contracting


For unique projects that require bespoke smoke control solutions, we offer an in-house Specialist Contracting service. Our team of project managers and technical specialists will work alongside you every step of the way from design, supply and installation, all the way through to commissioning and aftercare. To discuss your project, please contact us directly.



Which smoke control installation option is best for me?


The installation options can change depending on your type of business as well as the projects you are implementing smoke control for.  Each project will need to be assessed on a case by case basis. 

Our quick overview below gives the considerations against each approach:
Self-delivering smoke control solutions
Employing an SCS Group Approved Installer

Own labour force or desire to bring smoke control in house


Increased profitability on installations


Ongoing training and support for installations


Standard or small-scale project

Specialist knowledge needed  
Previous experience in smoke control installations  
External design consultancy required  
Bespoke or large-scale project    



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