Electrical contractor self-installs mechanical smoke shaft system

Wheeler Electrical won the electrical contract for the new student accommodation at Camberwell College of Arts, which included installing an 11-storey mechanical smoke shaft system. With support from Easivent, Wheeler Electrical decided to self-install the system using Easivent’s modular smoke shaft system. Read our case study...

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Ensure you understand smoke control for residential buildings

Easivent offers a comprehensive range of AOV kits designed specifically for self-installation by mechanical and electrical contractors.  The product range comprises kits containing ventilators or actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning service.  Although smoke control systems can be onerous to design and install for complex buildings, the majority of smoke shaft and AOV systems are very similar and well within the capability of a competent trade contractor.

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Things Fire Contractors should consider when replacing compartment walls with fire curtains

Removing compartment walls and replacing them with fire curtains could provide more work for Fire Contractors.

It is a common desire to create atria and other open spaces in large buildings by removing multiple small areas, however this has a negative impact on fire compartmentation. Fire curtains are an ideal solution when compartment walls are removed - but is installing fire curtains alone enough to maintain safe conditions in a fire?

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How Fire Contractors determine the best choice of fire curtain

Mike Washbourne, Easivent’s in-house fire curtain expert explains how Fire Contractors determine the best choice of fire curtain.

The main purpose of fire and smoke curtains is to prevent or slow down the ingress of fire and smoke into other areas of a building and are often used in place of heavy and intrusive fire doors. The curtains should enclose or canalise smoke and/or fire to prevent it from spreading. In combination with smoke and heat exhaust systems, fire and smoke curtains help keep emergency and escape routes clear.

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5 effective smoke control systems used by M&E contractors

Smoke control systems are installed to ensure stairways and communal corridors remain relatively free from smoke and heat in the event of a fire within a dwelling to enable occupants of the building to escape safely. In tall buildings (with a floor over 18m high) these systems assist firefighters in gaining access to fight the fire from inside the building.

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Easivent supported SCS Group's project delivery of Admiral HQ in Cardiff

Project Background

The Admiral Group operates numerous key insurance suppliers in the market, including Admiral, Elephant and Confused.com. Much like Easivent, it’s a business that believes in the importance of employee engagement and its new headquarters building is located in Cardiff, designed to accommodate 3,000 staff with space for 120 parked cars across two basement levels.

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The key steps to self-installing smoke control and AOV systems

If a fire breaks out, which results in smoke getting into communal lobbies or corridors adjoining the escape stairwell, there needs to be some means of removing smoke from these areas. Solutions to this include the installation of an automatic opening ventilator (AOV) or a natural/mechanical smoke shaft system. As smoke is extracted through such a system, the stairwell ventilator provides replacement air to allow people to escape safely and firefighters to enter the building easily to tackle the fire.

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6 advantages of chain drives (chain actuators)

SCS Group’s Faye Young has been working on the Heathside and Lethbridge development’s smoke control and ventilation systems. The transformation of the Heathside and Lethbridge Estate will create a high-density, mixed-tenure development. The project will deliver 512sqm of retail floor space, 768sqm of community floor space, an energy centre and 1192 residential units in contemporary apartment buildings ranging from 3 to 17 storeys in height.

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