How to select the best AOV kit for the job | 2020 Update

To make the AOV selection process more straightforward, we have created this simple step-by-step guide to selecting the best AOV kit for your project.

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What installation options do I have?

Everyone involved in the construction or management of a building knows that occupants’ safety is paramount, with smoke control providing a vital life safety feature. All equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly to ensure the safety of occupants and where appropriate, fire fighters.

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How to self-install smoke control and automated opening ventilator (AOV) systems

Many electrical contractors have attempted to self-install commercial smoke control and automated opening ventilator (AOV) systems, but because they were not properly prepared they didn’t enjoy the experience. What steps do you take to properly install such a system? How can you ensure that the system you install today will work in the future when a fire occurs?

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Self-delivery of smoke control systems can increase margins for M&E contractors

It has been a growing trend in recent years for Main Contractors to self-deliver mechanical and electrical (M&E) services. For example Wates Building Services now has a dedicated in-house M&E delivery service which replaces traditional M&E procurement on some Wates Construction projects.

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Self-install AOV kits can benefit your bottom line

Take advantage of the AOV kit approach and gain many benefits for your smoke control project.

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Electrical contractor self-installs mechanical smoke shaft system

Wheeler Electrical won the electrical contract for the new student accommodation at Camberwell College of Arts, which included installing an 11-storey mechanical smoke shaft system. With support from Easivent, Wheeler Electrical decided to self-install the system using Easivent’s modular smoke shaft system. Read our case study...

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Everything you need to know about protecting lifts with fire curtains

The main purpose of fire and smoke curtains is to prevent or slow down the ingress of fire and smoke. The curtains should enclose or canalise smoke and/or fire to prevent it from spreading. Most lift doors will not be fire rated and therefore they would need to be protected to maintain the compartmentation of the lift shaft.

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The key steps to self-installing smoke control and AOV systems

If a fire breaks out, which results in smoke getting into communal lobbies or corridors adjoining the escape stairwell, there needs to be some means of removing smoke from these areas. Solutions to this include the installation of an automatic opening ventilator (AOV) or a natural/mechanical smoke shaft system. As smoke is extracted through such a system, the stairwell ventilator provides replacement air to allow people to escape safely and firefighters to enter the building easily to tackle the fire.

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