Which stairwell ventilator can I use on my roof?

What is a stairwell AOV?

A stairwell AOV is an automatic opening ventilator (AOV) which provides at least 1.0m² of free area when open.

The installation is always located at the highest point in an evacuation stairwell and can take a number of forms.

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SCS Group listed in Building Good Employer Guide’s top 50 companies

SCS Group is proud to have been included in the Building Good Employer Guide 2017 – the fifth time it has made the list. Easivent is the supply and resales arm of SCS Group.

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Selection guide for car park ventilation systems

The ventilation of car parks is important to prevent the build-up of toxic fumes and flammable gases from motor exhausts, and to clear smoke in the event of a fire. The Building Regulations (in particular Approved Document B and Approved Document F) specify what is required to maintain safe conditions in a car park. Further guidance is also given in BS 7346-7:2013.

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SCS Group in Building Good Employer Guide’s top 50 companies

The SCS Group, (Easivent's parent company) is thrilled to announce it is one of the 50 employers listed in this year’s Building Good Employer Guide.

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Mike Williams starts at Easivent

MEET Mike Williams, Easivent’s Order Processing and Technical Support Administrator.

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Easivent makes it Easi for you to self-install AOV kits and smoke control systems

Smoke control without the smoke and mirrors


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Easivent proud to sponsor Dronfield Town FC under 15s

EASIVENT is delighted to be the proud sponsor of Dronfield Town FC Under 15s team (pictured).

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