Are you using the right cable?

Fire rated cable is required in all life safety system installations, they are designed to maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a specified period. To fully comply with the regulations Category 3 cable should be used for all smoke ventilation installations.

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Make way for the EV-301 and EV-601

We’ll soon be rolling out our new EV-301 and EV-601 panels as an all singing and dancing replacement of the SP-300 and SP-600 panels.

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5 additions to your control panel (which aren’t as expensive as you think)

You’ve installed our smoke/daily vent control panels, but did you know you can add on some features at little extra expense?

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Selection guide for car park ventilation systems

The ventilation of car parks is important to prevent the build-up of toxic fumes and flammable gases from motor exhausts, and to clear smoke in the event of a fire. The Building Regulations (in particular Approved Document B and Approved Document F) specify what is required to maintain safe conditions in a car park. Further guidance is also given in BS 7346-7:2013.

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SP-300 AOV Control Panel – the only AOV controller you’ll ever need!

The SP-300 is THE universal automatic opening vent (AOV) control panel. It has been especially designed and developed for smoke ventilation systems, and can be used for standalone operation or as part of a BRE shaft system. It is the perfect control panel for:

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Control systems for stairwell smoke ventilators

Regardless of the stairwell smoke ventilator (AOV) selected, the control method and components are fairly universal. A control system typically comprises of a power supply unit, manual switches and in some cases smoke detectors.

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Simple, cost effective car park ventilation systems!

On a routine walk around of the SCS factory in Wimborne the Product Manager, Michael Washbourne noticed that all the panels being manufactured for car park ventilation systems are slightly different. That slight difference results in additional engineering costs for both the drawing and design stages. He wanted to work towards creating a standardised product that would reduce these costs for our customers.

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