Construction 2025: The leading trends and industry developments

Construction is a growing and influential industry, which amounted to 6% of the UK’s total economic output in 2017. As such, the developments within it have a direct impact on other industries related to it, like smoke control. More buildings and increased safety mean more business for us, but what is the current situation of the construction industry? Where will it go in the next few years and how can we prepare for it? We explore these questions in our blog post and give you a short outline of what you can expect in the coming years.
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What installation options do I have?

Everyone involved in the construction or management of a building knows that occupants’ safety is paramount, with smoke control providing a vital life safety feature. All equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly to ensure the safety of occupants and where appropriate, fire fighters.

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What is an AOV Kit and why do I need one?

Here at Easivent we wanted to make it easier for you to get your job done. So, we put together a range of AOV Kits which provide a solution for just about any smoke ventilation requirement in a building.

Easivent’s Kits are designed for self-installation and meet the requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. The Kits can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be inter-connected to form modular "smoke shaft" systems without the need of additional interfaces or software. 

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