Top Ten Fantasy Football Team Names



With just a few more days until the Premier League kicks off, we can hardly wait for our Fantasy Football League to be officially launched! To help pass the time, we thought we’d share our ten favourite team names with you in our league so far.

Now, we’re not saying that having a great team name will ensure your success as a manager, but if you are going to go home with our prize in May 2019 then you’ll want to step up your game. Make your championship memorable and see if you can match these funny and witty fantasy team names.

  1. Iwobi Wan Kenobi

Manager Michael hopes the force is strong with his team this season.

  1. Hakuna Mata-ta

“…it means no worries for the rest of your season…?”, well at least team manager Maria hopes so! Manchester United’s Mata is looking to have a good season this year.

  1. No Kane No Gain

Fresh from winning the Golden Boot this World Cup, will Harry Kane live up to expectations this season? Manager Danny is hoping Kane’s luck rubs off on his team.

  1. Chickentikka MoSalah

Mo Salah…a key player in many teams last Premier League season – how many of our Fantasy League will have him as captain again this year?

  1. Completed it mate…

Playing on the Inbetweeners meme, manager Stuart is confident in his team. 

  1. Shaw Thing

A double word play here with Manager Tony’s name and Manchester United’s Defender Luke Shaw. But will they both be a sure thing this season? Manager Tony hopes so at least!

  1. Petr Cech Yourself

Some more word play from manager Magdalena. Hopefully Petr Cech will be saving Magdalena’s team as well as goals for Arsenal.

  1. Jesus loves me

Anita is playing on greater powers this season to help get her to the top after placing third in last year’s SCS Group Fantasy Football League.

  1. Game of Jones

Back from her top 10 finish last year manager Ceri is once again channelling her inner Khaleesi but will she be ‘Mother’ of the league?

  1. All gone Shane Long

Some cockney rhyming slang here, hopefully it won’t all go wrong for manager Josh.


Please note, the SCS Group Fantasy Football League 2018/19 is now closed to entries.

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