Simple, cost effective car park ventilation systems!

On a routine walk around of the SCS factory in Wimborne the Product Manager, Michael Washbourne noticed that all the panels being manufactured for car park ventilation systems are slightly different. That slight difference results in additional engineering costs for both the drawing and design stages. He wanted to work towards creating a standardised product that would reduce these costs for our customers.


The Easivent team then worked to simplify the procurement of car park ventilation control panels. The panels have since been launched online. By simplifying this element, it now allows the installer to select a panel ranging from 3.0kW to 1.0kW extraction fan supplies and add on the quantity of 1.5kW or 3.0kW jet/impulse fans. The engineering time of the ventilation control panel is reduced and the resulting cost reduction is passed onto the customer.

Accessories which work alongside these car park ventilation control panels such as Automatic Transfer Switches, CO detectors and fireman’s override switches are also available from the WebStore.

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