What is a stairwell AOV system?

Stairwell automatic opening ventilators (AOV) are used in the stairwells of flats and office buildings where protecting the common escape routes is of paramount importance. 

A stairwell smoke ventilator is an AOV which provides at least 1.0m2 of free area when open. It usually serves one of two purposes;

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Mechanical Smoke Shafts: 7 steps to successful selection for apartment buildings

Mechanical smoke shafts are the most common method of smoke control in high rise apartments. Although they are in essence very simple systems comprised of relatively few components, they are not yet included in the Building Regulations and tend to be shrouded in mystery, and thought of as a specialist package.

However, selection and installation of mechanical smoke shaft systems are well within the realm of competence of most mechanical or electrical contractors. We explore the steps that should be taken for successful selection in apartment buildings.

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Easivent deliveries this Christmas

As the festive period is fast approaching, we’d like to make you aware of how our deliveries will be affected this Christmas.

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SCS Group listed in Building Good Employer Guide’s top 50 companies

SCS Group is proud to have been included in the Building Good Employer Guide 2017 – the fifth time it has made the list. Easivent is the supply and resales arm of SCS Group.

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Smoke control systems: The benefits of self-testing and remote monitoring

As with all mechanical and electrical services within buildings, a smoke control system is only effective if it is adequately maintained and kept in good working order. Should a fault occur between tests, it is important that it does not go unnoticed and that a regular weekly or monthly test is not overlooked due to the unavailability of personnel.

A self-testing and remote monitoring solution can help ensure that your systems are working properly, and that you stay compliant. Read on to see our suggestions and advice on the matter.

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Don’t turn a blind eye to smoke control maintenance

Smoke control systems are an important fire safety measure for HRRBs (high-rise residential buildings). They are provided to keep escape routes clear of smoke to allow people to safely exit the building in an emergency and to allow firefighters clear access to stop the fire and carry out rescue operations.

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Electrical contractor self-installs mechanical smoke shaft system

Wheeler Electrical won the electrical contract for the new student accommodation at Camberwell College of Arts, which included installing an 11-storey mechanical smoke shaft system. With support from Easivent, Wheeler Electrical decided to self-install the system using Easivent’s modular smoke shaft system. Read our case study...

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Ensure you understand smoke control for residential buildings

Easivent offers a comprehensive range of AOV kits designed specifically for self-installation by mechanical and electrical contractors.  The product range comprises kits containing ventilators or actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning service.  Although smoke control systems can be onerous to design and install for complex buildings, the majority of smoke shaft and AOV systems are very similar and well within the capability of a competent trade contractor.

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