Mike Williams starts at Easivent

MEET Mike Williams, Easivent’s Order Processing and Technical Support Administrator.


Mike Williams


Easivent, the supply-only sales arm of the SCS Group, is staffed by our team of hard-working and dedicated employees who ensure you get the best service and products when you need them.


So who is Mike and how did he end up working at Easivent?

Mike said: “After my GCSEs I went straight into work and by 20 I ended up in a bank call centre. Within a year I was training others and introducing them to the shop floor as their interim team leader. This is where I learnt about customer service and that it was not just about talking but more about listening.

“After five years I went through some personal changes, soul searching, faith etc and decided to step back from the career-driven path.”



After a short stint at a chilled foods company, Mike started working in the third sector. He worked for a charity called Follow Your Dreams, supporting children with learning disabilities to believe in their abilities and helping them to fulfil their dreams. He became project manager of the charity’s myCVinAction.com programme, which involved filming people with learning disabilities in a working environment to demonstrate their ability to be employed.


Mike said: “This was an unbelievably satisfying role, because despite all the difficulties involved in problem solving, organising multiple filming locations and third party groups across the UK, not to mention the convincing of employers to take on a disabled person, being on the first rung of the career ladder for the people I worked with more than made up for the hardship.

“The possibilities for them were endless and I had a little part in their journey. Unfortunately, funding was short to come by and after three years the project ended and I was made redundant just before Christmas last year.”


Before joining SCS, Mike worked as a Recruitment Consultant, meeting with head teachers and ‘selling’ temp teachers into schools.


He said: “Thankfully, the opportunity at SCS came up and I decided it was time that I took the challenge of learning new skills in a role that not only used my customer service skills, but also gave me the chance to do a hands-on role that I probably should have started when I left school!”

Mike says he’s still finding his feet at SCS, learning about new products and processes.


He explained: “In simple terms I process and pack the orders that come into Easivent - and that is probably how others perceive the role - but I’ve also joined Easivent at an exciting time of growth so I’m learning more about the products we sell to support the technical enquiries that come in, and also taking part in the testing of returns and repairs.”


So what part of his job does Mike like the most?

He explained: “I’ve always been a hands-on and visual learner. As a child I loved constructing things out of Meccano or pulling something apart to see how it works, so I love now being allowed to pull things apart to learn, but without being told off by my parents! I think it’s the inner child in me.”


Outside of work family is extremely important to Mike. He married Beth in 2009 and they have two children - Jonah who’s three and has just started school and Elsie who’s five months.

He added: “My Christian faith is a big part of my life and has an influence on how I see and do things and I’m also heavily involved in my local church - be that youth work or more recently, playing lead guitar in the services.”


In terms of keeping fit, Mike’s two children ensure he stays active and he also enjoys outdoor activities with the whole family.


He said: “Rain or shine we like to escape to the beach, woods or hills that thankfully living in this part of Wales they’re just on the doorstep.”

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