Case Study: Eyeball Remote Monitoring Solution at Lillie Square


Project Title: Lillie Square

Location: Central London

Project Background

Located at Earls Court in a lively and varied area, Lillie Square is a celebratory reinterpretation of the traditional garden squares and mansion blocks, which draws from West London’s heritage.  

The development includes apartments, penthouses and townhouses set around calm pockets of green. It boasts many luxuries including a pool, health spa, sauna and steam room, as well as a lounge area and privately bookable dining room and cinema. Connected via both the District and Piccadilly Line, residents can enjoy a direct access to local restaurants, pubs, shopping districts and schools. It is also within walking distance of a wide range of cultural attractions, including the Royal Albert Hall, the natural history museum and the Victoria & Albert museum.




SCS Group’s Involvement

In spring 2015, SCS Group was commissioned by Gratte Brothers to install a Smoke Shaft System in Blocks A1 to A4, as well as blocks B, G and H, with an Eyeball self-test system for Block B.


Eyeball is a remote monitoring service with a broadband router or 3G modem which is added to the EV-300 Smoke Shaft System. It allows remote monitoring of the smoke control system sending data to a cloud-based server which is accessible via the internet in a graphical format. The system monitors and reports on activation and faults, with a log of events that can be accessed on a normal web browser from any PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Eyeball boasts a software option that allows weekly routine tests to be scheduled. The vents will be opened and closed, while the fans are started to ensure that they are operating correctly with feedback signals. A test report is then automatically displayed locally on the HMI interface. The results are also sent to both the building operator and our services team. Should the system detect a fault, either during the test or at any other time, a warning email or text message is automatically sent out too.

Eyeball also provides a connectivity service for engineers to connect to the system offering instant online support and software updates.


Download the Eyeball datasheet


SCS Group’s Remote Monitoring Solutioneyeball 445x400

To keep up with the Internet of Things, SCS Group has developed and used the latest cloud-based technology and applied it to a remote monitoring system with the intention of increasing residents’ comfort and safety, while also making the building manager’s job easier. With remote access, SCS engineering services can monitor and update the system without having to go on site.

The system’s instant notifications also have two key benefits. Firstly, they immediately make our engineers aware of any faults, allowing them to log on to the server, investigate the error and determine whether or not a site visit is necessary. Secondly, they notify the building manager of any ongoing activity. As a result, a fault or activation, which might have remained unnoticed until the next check or service 6 months later, is automatically flagged.


 "Eyeball will be a great benefit in trying to diagnose issues before attending site. We’ll no longer have the hassle of wasted trips, which will ultimately save customers money on call outs."

- Olly Lucas, Service Manager at SCS Group.

Read Olly's article on the importance of maintaining smoke control below:

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