Join the SCS Group Fantasy Football League!

Taking part in the SCS Group Fantasy Football League 2018/19 is going to be a blast, if last year is anything to go by. Alongside great banter and friendly rivalry you could win a Flat Screen TV as well as monthly prizes!

Not sure how fantasy football works? Don’t worry, we’ve pulled the key information together in this blog to get you started with the basic ins-and-outs of Premier League fantasy football. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for more key tips.

Ready? *whistle blows* Kick off!


How do I select and manage my squad?

  • Choose Your Squad

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your squad. You can select 15 players (2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 3 Forwards) using your £100 million budget, with up to 3 players from a single Premier League team.

  • Select Your Team

You’ll then need to choose 11 players to form your team before gameweek starts. These players will score your points for that week.

  • Designate a Captain and Vice-Captain

You can now pick your team leaders from your selected 11. Choose wisely, the captain’s score will be doubled!

  • Pick Your Substitutes

You never want to see your favourite footballers injured or have a game you’ve been looking forward to postponed, but just in case one of your starting players doesn’t hit the pitch in gameweek, you’ll need to prioritise your bench so you have good substitutes.

  • Buy or Sell Players

Don’t worry about choosing the best squad straight away, you can always buy or sell players.

Until the first Gameweek deadline, transfers won’t cost you anything extra. You just need to remain within your budget.

Once the Premier League has started, you can complete 1 transfer each gameweek for free. Any extra transfers will cause a 4 point deduction from your total score. If you don’t use your transfer, you can save it for the next week. Be warned though, you can only save one transfer at a time.

How does the point system work?

Throughout the season, your fantasy football team earns you points based on their real-life performance within the Premier League.

  • Gaining Points

You’ll be allocated a certain number of points based on playing time, goals scored, goals assisted, clean sheets, shots saved and penalties saved. You can also get bonus points for having one (or more) of the top three players of a match.

  • Losing points

Unfortunately, you can’t just sit back and watch the points roll in. Your players can also make you lose points because of missed penalties, conceded goals and yellow or red cards.

For additional details, visit the Premier League fantasy football website.


The SCS Group Fantasy Football League 2018/19 is now closed to entries.


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