How to select the best AOV kit for the job

To make the AOV selection process more straightforward, we have created this simple step-by-step guide to selecting the best AOV kit for your project.

The importance of smoke control

The installation of smoke control systems in buildings is vitally important. They help ensure escape routes, such as stairwells and communal corridors, remain relatively free from smoke and heat in the event of a fire. Smoke is a big threat to the occupants in a building as they can lose consciousness quickly after breathing it in. Effective smoke control enables occupants of the building to escape and the fire service to enter a building safely.

AOV Kits - a reliable and low-cost alternative for smoke vent applications

Easivent offers a comprehensive range of AOV kits designed specifically for self-installation by mechanical and electrical contractors. The kits contain the relevant ventilators, actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services.  The kits are for use in common escape routes such as lobbies, corridors and stairwells within certain buildings. Typically, these will be high-rise residential or commercial premises. They can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be inter-connected to form modular "smoke shaft" systems without the need of additional interfaces or software. All products used are CE marked and conform to the relevant British and European standards.

How to select a kit

Step 1.  Decide if the kit needs to operate in a stairwell or a corridor/lobby

Step 2.  When working with a stairwell, you need to decide if you can use an existing window at the top of the stairwell for smoke clearance/ventilation.

  • If this is the case then you would need AOV kit 1 that includes a chain drive to automatically open the window.
  • If this is not possible then you will need to install a whole kit with a roof vent - go to step 4.

Step 3.  For AOV Kit 1 you need to determine the chain drive stroke length. Chain drives are pre-programmed for chain length and force to suit different project implementations. This can be discussed with the Easivent sales team prior to order, alternatively you can access the equipment programming yourself as part of our training for Approved Installers

Step 4. If a roof mounted vent is required then there is the option of either a hatch vent  AOV kit 2 that can be used for roof access or a louvered vent AOV kit 3.  Read our blog The advantages of a hatch versus a louvred vent to help with your decision.

Step 5. If corridor or lobby vents are required, then it is important for you to decide what is required with respect to the supply of doors, controls, and actuators.

  • Select AOV kit 4 if you require smoke ventilation by automatically opening of an existing window.
  • Select AOV kit 5 if you require smoke ventilation into a shaft by automatically opening an existing fire door into a shaft.
  • Select AOV kit 6 if you require smoke ventilation into a shaft by automatically opening of a CE-marked smoke shaft vent.

If the corrider AOV is venting into a natural smoke shaft (BRE shaft), you will need a vent at the head of the shaft.

  • Select AOV kit 7 if you require smoke evacuation by automatically opening a roof hatch at head of shaft, or AOV kit 8 by automatically opening a louvered vent at head of shaft.

Step 6. Finally, if you require mechanical smoke extraction from a smoke shaft then you will need AOV kit 9. With this kit smoke will be drawn into the smoke shaft and replacement air will be pulled from the stair vent via the open doorway

The AOV kits are all available off-the-shelf for self-installation by electrical contractors, and are all supported by the Easivent sales team prior to order.

Simplicity of the kit approach  

The following example shows how the modular approach can specify the best AOV kits for your project:

Example project:  A 6 storey smoke shaft with an AOV window at the top of the stair, a louvre vent on top of the shaft. This project would require:  6 x AOV Kit 6 for corridor/lobby shaft door into smoke shaft; 1 x AOV Kit 1 for Head of Stair; and 1 x AOV Kit 3 for Head of Shaft.

Important notice

Existing facade or roof openings in the building envelope to be used as smoke extraction openings are absolutely legally compliant and there is no obligation under current legislation to apply EN12101 to opening vents for residential apartment buildings. Download our technical bulletin for more information regarding regulations.

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