How to self-install smoke control and automated opening ventilator (AOV) systems

Many electrical contractors have attempted to self-install commercial smoke control and automated opening ventilator (AOV) systems, but because they were not properly prepared they didn’t enjoy the experience. What steps do you take to properly install such a system? How can you ensure that the system you install today will work in the future when a fire occurs?

Self-install smoke control and AOV Systems

Considering self-installing an AOV system

Making the decision to bring smoke ventilation installation in house is like making any other business decision, and the level of knowledge and skill needed is similar to that required for a simple fire alarm installation. A similar path should be followed to ensure a positive outcome for clients and future occupants of the building.

Make sure you understand the legislation

Make a commitment to learn about smoke control for residential buildings.  Make sure you understand the standards that have to be complied with, the most important being The Building Regulations 2010, specifically Approved Document B. The relevant parts are fairly concise and straightforward, and should be studied at length.

Invest in training

Determine who in the organisation will be responsible for this area of the project and if training is required invest in a recognised training course. The SCS Group Approved Installer scheme offers a complete training course covering design, installation and commissioning of smoke control for multi storey residential developments.

Find out more about our Approved Installer Scheme

Choose the right supplier

Engage with the right supply chain partners who can offer high quality, CE marked products. Easivent offers a range of AOV kits designed specifically for self-installation by contractors. These are available off the shelf and are all supported by the SCS Group commissioning and service network.

Download your free AOV kit guide

Get your smoke control installation commissioned

Completed systems may require demonstration to the Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector and there are template commissioning and demonstration forms designed for this purpose available to our Approved Installers. SCS Group also offers a commissioning and certification service

It’s easy to see that understanding smoke control systems applications and standards are important factors to your success in delivering code-compliant self-installations.  

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