Easivent supported SCS Group's project delivery of Admiral HQ in Cardiff

Project Background

The Admiral Group operates numerous key insurance suppliers in the market, including Admiral, Elephant and Confused.com. Much like Easivent, it’s a business that believes in the importance of employee engagement and its new headquarters building is located in Cardiff, designed to accommodate 3,000 staff with space for 120 parked cars across two basement levels.

The 240,000 sq ft Sir Robert McAlpine-developed building had a requirement for a mechanical smoke ventilation system to protect the firefighting lobby and stairs across 16 floors. The enclosed basement car park also required mechanical ventilation – for both smoke and buildup of carbon monoxide produced by car exhaust fumes. 

Smoke Control systems at Admiral HQ in Cardiff delivered by Easivent and SCS Group

Completed Admiral Tower in Cardiff Central

The Solution

Easivent and the SCS Group has a strong working relationship with M&E contractor NG Baily based on consistent service delivery and a value engineering approach that saves money and time across the board.

In this instance, SCS Group was appointed to a two year project to install a UniForce smoke shaft system and was also tasked with creating a suitable solution for ventilating the car park based on existing designs.

The SCS Group’s solution incorporated Easivent-branded Parker variable speed drives in its control panels, ensuring precise, efficient control. Both systems adopted a fire engineered approach and were designed and validated using CFD analysis.

The final car park design was unique in its approach, using transfer fans at the dead end sections of the car park; this was necessary to overcome short circuiting of the inlet and extract points which were located on the same façade of the building. Both systems were successfully demonstrated by a full scale smoke test witnessed by the client, fire brigade and building control inspector. 

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