Easivent makes it Easi for you to self-install AOV kits and smoke control systems

Smoke control without the smoke and mirrors


To make life easier for you we have put together a range of AOV kits which provide a solution for just about any smoke ventilation requirement in a building.

The Easivent Smoke Vent range is designed to self install and meets the requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations which requires smoke control within the common escape routes of certain buildings. Typically these will be high-rise residential or commercial premises.

Our kits are all designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services. All products are CE marked and conform to the relevant British and European standards. The kits contain ventilators or actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches.

To make it really straightforward for you, we’ve now produced a simple guide to our AOV kits (lobbies, corridors and stairwells).

Download your AOV kits guide

Our full range of smoke control systems and AOV kits are available to buy on our website today. 

Find out more about automatic opening vents on our information page here.

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