Are you using the right cable?

Fire rated cable is required in all life safety system installations, they are designed to maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a specified period. To fully comply with the regulations Category 3 cable should be used for all smoke ventilation installations.

Fire rated cable is:

  • tested to BS 8491;
  • mechanically tested to simulate water jet impact force;
  • and, has a fire survival time.
BS 8491 Classification
Category 1 2 3 (Control) 3 (Power)
Operation Fail safe activation Means of escape only Firefighting <= 4mm2 Means of Escape & Firefighting
Survival time

3 mins / PH30

BS 8491

60 mins / PH60

BS 8491

120 mins / PH120

EN 50200

120 mins / PH120

BS 8491

Equivalent cable FP200 Gold FP200 Enhanced FP200 Enhanced FP600
System cable Signals & indication

Smoke detectors

Fire alarm signals

Interface panels

Smoke vents

Override switches


Power supply

Extract fans

Easivent system cable requirements

Cable fixings

It’s also vital that cable fixings are appropriate for the installation.

17th Edition Amendment 3*

Wiring in Escape Routes:

521.11: ‘the use of non-metallic cable clips, cable ties or cable trunking as the sole means of support. For example, where non-metallic trunking is used, a suitable fire-resistant means of support/retention must be provided to prevent cables falling out in the event of fire.’

Fire resistant metallic fixings, trunking & supports are required, with 400mm clip spacing for vertical installations and 300mm for horizontal, unless on inverted or basket arrangements.

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*18th Edition will be published in 2018 and may change the above guidance

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