Acceptance Testing for Smoke Shaft Systems

Smoke control is an important life safety feature of any building. Equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly for the building to ensure safety of occupants and where appropriate, fire fighters.

Mechanical smoke shaft systems are commonly installed as part of a fire engineered approach to safety in buildings and the presentation by contractors and acceptance of these by Building Control Officers is a key event in the handover process of construction projects. These are routinely conducted in an ad hoc manner with little structure, evidence of commissioning, or record of performance data. It is common for demonstrations to be repeated several times for to a variety of reasons including system non performance, absence of key personnel and incomplete interfaces with other systems.

Our Approved Installer training held at the SCS Group’s purpose built training facility presents a model for a smooth handover for all parties concerned. The training runs through the commissioning procedure and key data that should be recorded and sets out a demonstration procedure that covers all of the vital functions of the system in an efficient and robust manner.

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SCS Group training room in Cardiff

The SCS Group, with over 20 years’ experience, has designed, manufactured and installed smoke control systems in thousands of buildings across the UK. Working with a small number of strategic customers, the company’s project teams have earned a reputation for technical excellence, reliability and customer service and the product supply arm Easivent has developed a comprehensive product range covering AOVs and natural and mechanical smoke shafts.

If you are a contractor looking to bring smoke control in-house, you can benefit from our expertise, support and training by joining our Approved Installer Network.

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