Ten Funniest Fantasy Team Names



With just two more days until the Premier League kicks off, we can hardly wait for our Fantasy Football League to officially be launched! To help pass the time, we thought we’d share our ten favourite team names with you.

Now, we’re not saying that having a great team name will ensure your success as a manager, but if you are going to go home with our £3,000 prize in May 2018 then you’ll want to step up your game. Make your championship memorable and see if you can match these funny and witty fantasy team names.

10. The Wet Bandits

In 10th place is ‘The Wet Bandits’. Serving as a terrific throwback to the beloved film ‘Home alone’ and its slapstick comedy, this team name is a witty warning to others Players. Just like the main character Kevin learnt to fend for himself, team manager Ben is ready to fend off his opponents and become Manager of the Season.

9. Man-Chest-Hair United

A terrible pun and we love it. This funny name provided us with a short chuckle, while also reminding us that Man United’s first game of the Premier League will be against West Ham on the 13th of August at 4pm. Team manager Elle won’t want to miss that!

8. Prestige Xi

Next up, it’s Prestige Xi. Team manager Neil is hoping his dream team will help him win our Prestige-ious Manager of the Month personalized football shirt prize.

7. Simply the best

Manager Malcolm is certainly full of confidence as he entered our league with this very assertive name. A little too cocky? You never know what might happen in the fantasy football world…

6. Foregone ConclusionFantasy Football Prizes Landing pages pic.jpg

Mystery surrounds this one… Is manager Olly doubtful of his chances or overly confident that victory is a dead cert?

5. Powell’s Pace Setter

An ambitious Rhys reveals his competitive streak as he sets his eyes on the prize. He’s hoping his team will set the pace, raking in the points and taking him to the top of that leaderboard.                                                          Apply Now

4. FC’s Magic Dynamo’s

Manager Matthew has got a few tricks up his sleeve as he conjures up a winning team! He’s chosen the most sawed after players.

3. Funchester United

…And we have another Man United fan in our midst. Team Manager Ben captures the spirit of our league with his name, encouraging banter and a laugh among constructions workers.

2. S’aint Nothing Left

Manager Simon proudly says 'I'm a Saints supporter for my sins!'. He'll be cheering for his favourite team on Saturday 12th as they take on Swansea at 3pm.  

1. No hope…

And our winner is ‘No hope…’. This one made us laugh! Does team manager Michael lack confidence, or is he tricking us with false modesty? Either way, don’t lose heart, mate!


For your chance to win up to £3,000 as well as monthly prizes, join our league now! It’s not too late to sign up*.

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If you a feel a bit like Michael, though, and are hesitant to join, don’t be put off! Read out Ten Top Tipson how to become a great team manager.


*SCS Group's Fantasy Football League is for SCS employees, customers and prospects only. SCS reserves the right to refuse any application or ban any unaffiliated persons from the league. Full terms and conditions here.



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