10 Top Tips to Become the Best Team Manager


There are less than two weeks until the start of the Premier League and the launch of our very own fantasy football league. In anticipation, we thought we’d get you hyped with these key tactics to become the best fantasy manager. There are of course a range of strategies, but if you want to maximise your chances of becoming our Team Manager of the Season and winning our £3,000 grand prize, then these 10 top tips are just for you. 

  1. Study the Fixtures

 It seems like an obvious piece of advice, but knowing a club’s calendar is your best shot at winning. You can correctly time transfers and select players who are playing more than once in gameweek. It’s the best way of boosting your points. 

  1. Stay Informed 

You’ll want to stay up-to-date with all football news, tracking fall-outs, injuries and changes in tactics. You don’t want to be stuck with a player who is facing a ban or who isn’t a guaranteed starter. If you know what’s going on, you can select or transfer players and build a stronger team. 

  1. Use Transfers Wisely 

Speaking of transfers, there are two things to remember: don’t miss the deadline and save transfers for crucial moments. You don’t want to pick your team too early, but you also need to make sure you know when the transfer deadline is so that you don’t miss the opportunity of changing your team. It’s all about finding that balance. Towards the final few matches, it’s also useful to have an extra transfer in your back pocket in case of unexpected twists. 

  1. Choose a Range of Players 

Obviously, you want to include around five of the biggest scorers on your team. Looking up statistics early on is the best idea. But don’t limit yourself to recognisable players. Footballers who are talented, cheap and play every week are also a good shout. They may not be the best on the pitch but they’ll consistently bring you appearance points. Fantasy Football Prizes Landing pages pic.jpg

  1. Use Versatile Players 

Players who are used out of position will earn you the most points, especially if they’re in an attacking role. Look out for mid-fielders who double as forwards or defender who play as mid-fielders. Compared to other players in that position, they’ll earn you far more points. 

  1. Use Defenders From a Variety of Teams 

You can gain bonus points from goalkeepers and defenders who keep clean sheets. Now, the chances of a defender and goalie from the same team keeping a clean sheet are quite slim, but if you choose a range of players from a variety of teams who all have good records, you’re more likely to rake in the points. 

  1. Remember, It’s Only Fantasy 

The great think about fantasy football is that you don’t need to respect real-life tactics. You’re not a real team manager- and that’s a great advantage! No need to include centre halves, for example. You’re better off choosing full-backs for defence, as they have the ball roughly 70% of the team and are licenced to attack. 

  1. Use History and Figures 

Using past statistics is always a good idea. Look at players who have a long lasting record, not those who’ve only played well recently. Look for consistency and regularity, past statistics almost always stack up. 

  1. Don’t Overlook Newly Promoted Teams 

Though you do want to use reputable players, you also shouldn’t dismiss teams which are only just making their Premier League debut. They can actually win you a whole stack of points. Not only are these players fairly cheap, but the teams generally have great attacking players who will score you some points (remember, attack-minded players will bring you the most bonus points). 

  1. Play With Your Head, Not Your Heart 

Now this is the best piece of advice we can give. Though we’re all diehard fans of one Premier League team, if you really want to maximise your points, you can’t get sentimental. Use good players from rival squads and always think about the amount of points a player will win you. It’s all about an individual’s performance, not the team as a whole. Besides, if you’re cheering on a larger club, their squad rotation will be a huge disadvantage for you.

 …And there you have it, all the best advice we can give! We can’t wait for the Premier League to start so we can get this competition going. If you haven’t joined our league yet, it’s not too late*!


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*SCS Group's Fantasy Football League is for SCS employees, customers and prospects only. SCS reserves the right to refuse any application or ban any unaffiliated persons from the league. Full terms and conditions here.


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